Why Phantagma Sir ?

Phantagma aims to be the Fantom Network Memecoin.

Yes, just another memecoin. But we want to do it differently.

We’re a friends team who wants to have fun while rewarding Fantom Network users. Fast and cheap transactions make it perfect for what we aim to do : a lot of airdrops gifted to our community, Fantom community and $PHANT holders / aggressive transaction fees to reduce the supply / schedule burns and of course charity donations.

We will try, with the help of the community, to become an established coin in the Fantom ecosystem.

If you want to support us, join the Discord. Play some quizzes, sport predictions, music trivia and flash contests to win $PHANT and Discord roles. And we love ice cream. Good people love ice cream.
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May 27, 2021 (22:00 CET)

Total Supply

1,000,000,000,000,000 $PHANT


> 12 %

Starting Price

1 $PHANT = 0.000000000029 $FTM

Remaining Supply

45 % : 450,000,000,000,000 $PHANT

Transaction fees

16 % per transaction

Wallet Distribution

  • 50 % Burn
  • 28 % Locked Liquidity Pool
  • 20 % Marketing / Airdrop / Burn Wallet
  • 1 % Charity / LP Wallet
  • 1 % Developer Wallet

Fees per transaction

  • 6 % Burn fee
  • 6 % Redistribution fee
  • 1 % Charity Fee
  • 3 % Add to LP fee

You can find all these wallets addresses easily on the Discord to check transactions and  figures.

Liquidity locked

All transactions fees are fully modular, so community can decide for each of them if they want it to go up or down.


All the steps we’re gonna do our best to achieve in the coming weeks. If you have any idea or if you want to do some partnership with our project, feel free to contact us on the Discord.

SpiritSwap is the only place you can get $PHANT at the moment. If you are from BSC Network, you will need to use a bridge (like Anyswap) to join us.

First of all, because price can't go up if you don't. But mostly to support us and take part in the project that was made for you, receive holder airdrops/NFTs and charity.

Yes I can. Here it is : 0x83db27bb6a2f6d64f3f0b4bc1bd60b6572a737dd

Happy customers